Have Thinning Hair? Consider Using Hairpieces To Boost Your Self Confidence

There are many women who suffer from thinning hair as they get older. Thinning hair can be very embarrassing and make many women feel self-conscious about the way that they look. If you have thinning hair, consider using a human hairpiece to make your hair look thicker so that you can feel confident about yourself when you look in the mirror. The following guide walks you through a few tips to ensure you have a seamless look when you wear the hairpiece.

Consider Investing in a Few Different Styles of Hairpieces

The first thing you need to do is consider investing in a few different styles of headpieces so that you can change up your look from time to time. You may want to choose a few that can be worn with your hair down and simply clip into place so that they are indistinguishable from your natural hair. You also may want to invest in a ponytail and a bun for times when you want to wear your hair up and out of the way.

Choose Hairpieces Made from Real Human Hair

When choosing which hairpieces, you want to use, do not make the mistake of investing in pieces that are made from synthetic materials. These types of pieces often become tangled very easily, are difficult to maintain, and cannot be styled with heat. It is best to invest in pieces made from human hair from the start, even though they are slightly pricier than those that are made from synthetic materials. The pieces made from human hair will last longer and give you a more realistic look when you wear them.

Have the Pieces Dyed when You Have Your Hair Dyed

When you wear the pieces, you do not want anyone to be able to tell that you have them in. In order to create this seamless look, you need to have the hairpieces dyed when you go to get your hair dyed. This will ensure that they are the same exact color as your natural hair. Most stylists know how to dye hairpieces and can do it with ease.

Once the pieces are dyed, play with them at home for a while. Make sure that you are able to easily put them in your hair and look at them from many different angles to ensure that no one can see how they are secured. It may take some time to get used to using the hairpieces, but once you do, you will feel more confident about your thinning hair.

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2 Reasons To Purchase Virgin Hair Extensions

When you purchase virgin hair extensions, you have the comfort of knowing that you are getting hair extensions that have never been treated in anyway. When virgin hair extensions are put together, hair that has never been dyed, permed, or otherwise treated will be used. The hair also will not have been exposed to air pollutants, such as cigarette smoke. The hair will be meticulously gathered, so that only the highest quality virgin hair is placed in the extension. These extensions are great for a variety of reasons and this article is going to discuss 2 of these reasons in more detail. 

They Will Last Longer

One reason to purchase virgin hair extensions is the fact that they are going to last you longer than other kinds of hair extensions. This is due to the fact that the hair in the extension is not only real human hair, but it is basically brand new hair. This means that it is going to be very strong and can handle being worn, styled, and otherwise treated quite a bit. Whereas, hair that was already treated before being put into the extensions is not going to be as resistant to these things and will become damaged, break, and fall out at a much faster rate. This is going to be a huge expense for you because you will have to buy new extensions each time this starts to happen. You are going to get more bang for your buck when purchasing virgin hair extensions that will last and last. 

You Can Treat Them Like Your Natural Hair 

Another excellent reason to purchase virgin hair extensions is the fact that you can treat them just like your natural hair. You can wash them with regular shampoo and conditioner like you do your own hair, and you can also dry them in the same fashion, whether this be air drying or blow drying. You are also going to be able to clip the virgin hair extensions right into your hair and style them right along with your own locks, whether it be curls, a braid, or a simple straight look. If you decide that you want to dye your hair, but still want to use your hair extensions, then you can also dye the extensions right along with your own hair. This is all possible because of the high quality human hair that your virgin hair extensions are made out of. 

Contact a company like Celebrity Hair Company to learn more.

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4 Impressive & Thoughtful Items to Add to a Gift Basket for Your Girlfriend

Are you trying to figure out exactly what to get your girlfriend as a gift this year? In the past, you may have chosen to get the usual gift card, but you may want to leave a really good impression with your gift and show her exactly how much she means to you. If so, creating a homemade basket full of special gifts for your sweetheart is great way to be thoughtful and truly make her smile. If you are not sure what to include in your homemade basket, there are quite a few great items to consider.

1. Create a Custom Necklace

If your girlfriend likes wearing jewelry, you can have a custom necklace created just for her. Instead of buying a necklace that dozens of other women may be wearing, you can write a short yet meaningful message to her and have it engraved on a pendant of your choice. The pendants are often available in plenty of different shapes, including hearts, rectangles, circles and ovals. You could even choose to have the exact date the two of you got together engraved on the pendant. It is something she can proudly wear as often as she wants.

2. Select the Perfect Perfume

Your girlfriend may use perfume regularly before she goes out. Instead of buying her the usual perfume that she normally wears, consider picking out the perfect scent for her. You may not know exactly which scent would be perfect, but if you are looking to play it safe, you may want to consider choosing a perfume that has floral scent. There are currently thousands of different perfumes on the market. If you know she is not a fan of floral scents, you can always choose one of the other popular options, which includes perfumes that have a bit of a citrus scent.

You can always smell samples of different perfumes and choose one that you think smells the best. Adding a bottle of perfume to the gift basket is a great idea because your girlfriend may think of you each time she is wearing it. Resources like Fragrance-Save can help.

3. Add a Movie You Both Can Watch Together

There is nothing quite like getting to spend some alone time with your girlfriend. Instead of spending money on outrageous movie tickets, you can buy a movie that you both like and add it to her basket so that the two of you can watch it together. Along with the movie, you may want to add some of her favorite snacks in the gift basket. She can have her favorite movie theater snacks right at home while enjoying a good movie with you.

4. Pick Out an Outfit for a Date Night

Picking out the perfect outfit for your girlfriend to wear on a date night with you may not be the easiest task. However, you can always ask her mother, sister or best friend for help picking out something that will fit her perfectly and flatter her shape. They can find out her size and assist you with picking out the perfect clothing items you would love to see her wear for a special date night. It is the perfect final item to add to the gift basket for your sweetheart.

If you want to give your girlfriend the best gift ever, consider making her a basket full of some awesome things. A custom necklace, perfume, movie and a cute outfit are some of the items you might want to add to the basket. Once she opens up the gift, she will see all the thought and effort you put into making it special just for her.

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Stretch Marks after Rapid Weight Gain: Is There a Way for Men to Get Rid of Them?

If you’re a male who developed stretch marks on your chest, arms, thighs, or elsewhere after gaining weight too fast, you may wonder why you have the unsightly streaks and how you can get rid of them. Although stretch marks are more common in pregnant women and pubescent teens, men can also get stretch marks when they lose or gain weight too fast. While you can’t truly get rid of stretch marks, you can make them appear less visible on your skin with the right tips and care. Here are things to know about stretch marks and what you can do to minimize their appearance on your skin.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks generally form when the dermis, or middle layer of skin, stretches too quickly and tears. The dermis is made of different fibers and proteins that give your skin its elasticity or strength, including collagen. Collagen helps your connective tissues, such as muscles, stay firm and resilient. Although the production of collagen slows down or weakens naturally as you age, it’s possible to weaken your body’s collagen in other ways, such as gaining too much weight or gaining weight too fast.

When you gain weight, fibers in your dermis skin layer gradually stretch to accommodate to the changes in your body. However, rapid weight gain may force the skin’s fibers to stretch too quickly. Some of the stretched fibers tear from the strain placed on them, which also disrupts the collagen proteins that support them. Although the stretch marks are located in the second layer of skin, they can show through the top layer of skin over time.

You may notice discolored streaks on your arms, thighs, stomach, or back as the damaged skin fibers reveal themselves. The colors of the streaks may range from pink to black and may be large in size. Even if some of the stretch marks fade in color, they may be still visible to other people.

The best way to make your stretch marks appear less visible is to use the right creams and home care tips.

How Can You Make Your Stretch Marks Appear Less Visible?

One of the things you can do to minimize your discolored streaks is to apply stretch mark cream to your skin. While most stretch mark products cater to women, men can also benefit from using them. The creams come with natural ingredients that may improve the tone, texture and elasticity in your skin.

For instance, a number of products use vitamin A and E to improve the appearance of stretch marks. These natural nutrients help improve your skin by encouraging new cells to grow. Some nutrients improve the skin’s elasticity and tone with moisturizers. Elasticity describes how well your skin bounces back after it’s stretched or pulled. If your skin has better elasticity and tone, your stretch marks may appear less defined and visible.

When you shop for your stretch mark creams, it’s a good idea that you consult directly with suppliers. Sometimes, suppliers of skin care products offer expert advice to customers who may not know what to buy or use for their problems. In addition, a number of suppliers provide a list of ingredients for their products to help you understand their uses. The list gives you a chance to research the ingredients and products before you buy them.

Finally, drink plenty of water or consume beverages and foods that contain water to improve the health of your skin cells. Water doesn’t moisturize your skin, but it may help encourage new cell growth. In addition, healthy cells may have the ability to fight off illnesses and other things that damage the skin’s cells.

For more information about making your stretch marks look less visible, contact a skin care provider like Apothederm today.

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A Guy’s Guide To Surviving Through Winter With Dry Skin

From making sure the snow blower is working before the first big blizzard, to stocking-up on deicer and thermal socks, for many guys, winter is all about preparing for the worst. However, the last thing on many guys’ minds is their dry, itchy skin. If you’re a guy who is tired of dealing with dry, itchy and irritated skin in the winter, here are a few simple tips that can help you survive the cold weather:

Caring For Your Face

You get up every morning, wash your face and head out the door to work. This is an effective strategy in the summer, but unfortunately, once the winter comes, your face needs a little more TLC.

Skip the abrasive soaps and cleansers and follow these simple steps to have healthy, amazing facial skin throughout the winter:

  • Learn Your Skin Type – Most men and women fall under three different skin categories: dry, oily or sensitive. If your face is itchy and scaly throughout the year, your skin is dry. If your face is shiny and you’re prone to breakouts, chances are you have oily skin. If your skin is sensitive it will often become red and irritated when exposed to products containing dyes and perfumes.

  • Washing Your Face The Right Way – Once you purchase a facial wash for your skin type, it’s time to start washing. Begin by splashing your face with lukewarm water. Gently work the cleanser into your face for 30 seconds before splashing it away with lukewarm water. Finish by patting your face dry with a soft towel.

  • Exfoliate – An exfoliating cleanser can work miracles, especially in the winter. Skip your regular face wash two to three times per week and gently work an exfoliating cleanser into your skin instead.

  • Don’t Skip the Moisturizer – Whether your skin is dry, oily or sensitive, using a moisturizer in the winter can help prevent dry patches and irritation. Once again, choose a product that is formulated for your skin tone and apply it to your face and neck after you wash your face.

Shaving in Winter

Your face is already dry and irritated, so chances are the last thing you want to do is run a razor over it every morning. For many men, the simple solution is to grow a fashionable winter beard.

However, if you must remain clean shaven for work, or the beard look doesn’t work for you, here are a few tips to help make shaving in winter less irritating:

  • Switch to Sensitive Shaving Cream – No matter what your skin type, switch to a sensitive shaving cream during the winter. These products are generally gentler on the skin, which will help cut down on any shaving-related irritation.

  • Soften Your Skin – According to WebMD, the softer your skin, the less irritated it will be after shaving. If possible, always shave after getting out of the shower. Holding a moist, warm hand towel against your skin for at least five minutes before shaving is another option.

  • Buy Extra Blades – Changing the blade on your disposable razor more often is the best option for your irritated skin in winter. A sharp blade not only gives you a much closer shave, it is also more gentle on your skin.

Once you’re done shaving, don’t forget to apply a moisturizing aftershave gel or lotion!

Caring for your skin during winter might seem like a chore, but it’s well worth the extra effort and cash. Don’t be surprised when all your jealous male friends pull you aside and ask about your secret skin-care routine!

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Keep These Items In Your Purse To Ensure You Look Your Best After Your Meal

It does not matter how tasty your meal is, it is has the potential to seriously damage the appearance you try so hard to maintain. If you are planning on staying out long after the dessert course is served, there are a few things that you should keep in your bag to keep your appearance fresh.

Extra Lip Gloss

It is nearly impossible to find lipstick that will stay on during a meal. Rather than having your meal with a side of lipstick, consider simply using a bit of lip gloss. Tinted lip gloss can give you the lips your outfit so desperately needs without all the layers of liner and lipstick. In order reapply after the meal, you just need a quick stop in the rest room, instead of bringing your entire makeup kit with you.

Disposable Tooth Brushes

It is recommended that you brush your teeth after every meal. However, this is extremely inconvenient and few people actually bother with this advice. If you still have a long night ahead of you, than this advice is actually very relevant to your situation. You aren’t going to bring your toothbrush with you wherever you go, but you can invest in a pack of disposable tooth brushes to slip inside your purse. These single-use products are small, yet good enough for a quick clean and the toothpaste is packed inside the brush, so your breath will be nice and fresh when you are done.

.You wight also consider a small package of disposable floss picks to  take care of any bits of food that get stuck between your teeth. It is certainly a better option than trying to get that little piece of food out with your fingernail. Many even come with picks on the other end in case you are struggling with an especially stubborn string between your teeth. 

A Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth whitening products have become a popular way for people to get a brighter smile without making a dentist appointment. There are plenty of different whitening products on the market, but most are designed to be used at home. Unfortunately, stains don’t only happen at home. They happen whenever you eat or drink something that stains your teeth. Instead of forgoing the red wine to keep your smile a perfect bright white, invest in a teeth whitening pen. These pens are small enough to keep in your purse, and are effective at removing stains in just a few minutes.

Filtered Water Bottle

A water bottle won’t fit into a clutch, but if you decide to carry a bigger bag, consider including a filtered water bottle in it. If you invest in one of sufficient quality, you will have no fear of spilling water on the rest of your things. The advantage of these bottles is that they give you access to clean, drinkable water no matter where you go for the night. Staying hydrated will assist you in staying alert throughout the night. In addition, it will help lessen the side effects of overindulging in what the bar has to offer. You should not use this as an excuse not to patronize the establishment you are staying at, but it is a good backup solution if they do not have any drinks available.

Often dinner is only the precursor to a fantastic evening. If you aren’t properly prepared, then dinner could be the ruin of your evening. Instead of taking this risk, you should insure that you are always properly prepared to pull yourself back together after the evening’s eating and drinking has concluded. These few items are all it takes.

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3 Ideas For Your Parents’ 50Th Wedding Anniversary That Will Get Them All Shook Up

If your parents are nearing their 50th wedding anniversary, there’s no doubt you are wondering what to do to help them celebrate. Being married for 50 years is a phenomenal feat that calls for a celebration. Here are a few ideas that can be done separately or together to give your parents a memorable 50th wedding anniversary.

Schedule a Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony at an Elvis Chapel in Vegas

When your parents were courting 50+ years ago, they probably listened to Elvis on their dates. They may have attended his concerts or spent their date nights watching the King of Rock and Roll on the big screen. What better way to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary than in an Elvis chapel in Las Vegas renewing their vows?

Take them back in time with a complete package that includes a gown and tux rental, a bouquet of flowers, an Elvis impersonator, videos, pictures, and a ride in a pink Cadillac. Be sure to tell the chapel that your parents are renewing their wedding vows to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. That way, they can help you pick the appropriate floral arrangements and attire for your parents’ trip back in time.

While in Vegas, keep with the golden anniversary theme by booking their overnight stays in a hotel with ‘gold’ in the name. However, be sure the hotel you choose is within the mileage limitations of the wedding package you choose through the chapel.

Book a Honeymoon at a Gold Coast All-Inclusive Resort

After the renewal of the wedding vows, send your parents off to continue their celebration on a Gold Coast. There are several Gold Coast locations to choose from including Australia, Africa, Florida and Connecticut. Of course, they will need their passports to travel internationally. So, you’ll want to be sure they have passports before you book a honeymoon overseas.

Choose a resort that is all-inclusive. That way, your parents won’t have to worry about having enough cash on hand or available funds on their credit cards to pay for expenses while on their honeymoon. After all, it is a gift from you. If your own budget it tight, get some of your family members to pitch in.

If you are sending your parents to Australia or Africa, it may not be a good idea to give this gift as a complete surprise, especially if your parents have medical problems. They may need to fill prescriptions prior to departure for their vow renewal and honeymoon celebration. Also, you may want to consider getting them an international travel medical insurance policy for their trip, just in case they need medical attention while abroad.

Send a Time Capsule to the Honeymoon Destination

Fill a time capsule with memorabilia from their 50 years of marital bliss together, as well as from the time of their courtship. However, don’t send anything of value or anything that cannot be replaced. Instead, send copies whenever possible. Include copies of the pictures and the video DVD from the Elvis chapel ceremony, because they will not have seen them yet. The wedding photographer from the chapel will likely be able to provide you with a set of copies in addition to the originals.

Send the time capsule in a package to their honeymoon resort. Inform the resort that you would like to send your parents a package during their stay. They will give you instructions on what to write on the package so it will get to your parents safely and on time. Send the package certified and insured, just in case it gets lost. If you don’t feel comfortable sending the time capsule to their honeymoon destination, have it waiting for them at home when they return from their trip.

Planning a 50th wedding anniversary celebration can be challenging yet fun at the same time. If you are clueless in regards to the styles, trends and music when your parents were courting, ask the Elvis wedding chapel for some guidance so you can plan the perfect wedding vow renewal ceremony and honeymoon.

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